The right choice of location for digital signage applications

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The right choice of location for digital signage applications

Target groups forget 89 percent of advertising, according to 2020 statistics. The reasons range from uncreative advertising messages to the wrongly chosen advertising platforms. In the case of digital signage, there is another relevant aspect, namely poorly placed displays. 

The right choice of location is a success criterion for the use of digital signage. Showing appealing advertising messages and taking into account the wishes of the target group are the key traits of successful marketing – but what’s the point if no one sees the advertising?

But don’t worry, we’ll prepare you perfectly! As a provider and developer of digital signage software, we know the requirements for successful use and look back on years of experience in consulting regarding the requirements. This article will not only support your marketing, but will generally help you with the site selection of digital signage – regardless of the area of use. 


Tips for the right choice of location

There is no general answer to the question of the best location for digital signage displays. Every company is different and has an individual setup as well as goals that determine the area of use. Our tips below are aimed broadly at all businesses and take into account different usage scenarios:

  • Place displays in a highly visible location. Ideally, they should catch the eye without being obtrusive.
  • Displays should be at eye level so they are easily accessible.
  • When choosing a location, consider the message your company is communicating. 
  • Displays with important information should be placed higher so they catch the eye better. This includes directional signs, class schedules or event information. 
  • For some industries, a digital signage extension to voice output is appropriate to communicate across multiple levels. 
  • Also consider spacing so that digital signage applications fit into the overall appealing look of your business.
  • Don’t just think about marketing-related aspects. Without power, even the best location has no value. Ambient noise also leaves a bad impression. 
  • Avoid locations that are hard to reach and don’t attract attention.
  • Consider the lighting conditions at the location. Too much sunlight or darkness will affect screen visibility. 
  • For outdoor steles: Compare rental costs for different locations and make sure displays are protected from vandalism and environmental damage. 
  • Pay attention to accessibility so that people with disabilities can access info terminals as well.


Suitable locations for different areas of application

The choice of location for digital signage applications also depends on the area of application. This does not mean the industry of your company, but the purpose and the benefit for your target group. 

Ideally, signposts and information terminals should be located at central points that are easy to reach. At a trade fair, for example, it is of no value to visitors if info terminals are placed in lobbies. The search for a hall often begins at the entrance. 

In addition, possible space problems must also be taken into account – in concert halls, stadiums or at trade fairs, visitors are not helped if info terminals are placed in a poorly accessible location or in locations with little room to move. Accessibility must also be taken into account here, so that wheelchair users, for example, can access the info terminals. 

Info panels should also be placed in easily accessible locations. To ensure a smooth exchange of information, we recommend locations with long dwell times or central points (e.g. entrances). Depending on the location, it may be a good idea to place displays higher up so that they are easily accessible and visible from a distance, even with large crowds. Once again, pay attention to our previously mentioned tips regarding lighting conditions and power supply.


Digital Signage at Palfinger
Welcome area with info terminal at Palfinger 


With advertising, you are more flexible with the choice of location. It should catch the eye, but it doesn’t have as big an impact on the visitor experience as info terminals. Shop windows or digital customer stoppers in front of the store are very well suited to showcase products or offers. But a stele also catches the eye well at the entrance and has strategic advantages when presenting current offers. 

When choosing outdoor steles, it is more important to consider the cost factor and that displays are safe from environmental influences. However, you can get creative with displays outside your business premises, as the image below shows: 

Digital Signage Advertising

Digital price boards or menus are best placed behind the counter or checkout area. Not only will they catch the eye quickly, but they will also enhance the appearance of your store. Price boards or digital menus should be placed a little higher so that they are clearly visible to visitors. 


Digital Signage in a cinema
Digital signage at the cash desk of the Hollywood Megaplex Linz


The right amount of displays

Apart from the choice of location, the quantity of displays also plays an important role. A large company needs more displays than a five-man operation. It also depends on what kind of content is being shown. For example, our customer “Machsport” has several displays in the store:

In this case, it makes sense to set up several displays next to each other. The same applies to the hospitality industry, where digital signage applications are used as menus.

Digital Signage Pizzetti take-away

However, if your team is planning to use digital signage for patient information in a doctor’s office, for example, one display per room is sufficient. Ultimately, however, it depends on the individual requirements and the goals of your company. 

The choice of location is one of many criteria for using digital signage efficiently. In our article “7 important requirements for the use of digital signage“, we summarize the most important prerequisites for using the applications in a target-oriented manner. 


The form and application scenarios are also crucial

When choosing a location, also consider the flexible application options. Maybe your company plans to use digital signage as employee information, but you can also use the applications for future advertising campaigns. Therefore, we recommend having a look at different usage scenarios and plan accordingly with multiple locations or multiple displays. 

In addition, we also recommend the purchase of different displays. You are flexible in adapting different content formats with digital signage, but depending on the goal and use, different display sizes are suitable. For example, if you are the owner of a clothing store, we recommend displays for your shop window and digital customer stoppers for the entrance area. 

Depending on the size of your business, interactive displays for customer navigation or digital out of home solutions are also suitable. In our store you will find five different types of displays in various designs – take a look and discover the possibilities for your business.

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