Case Study – Internorm

Company and starting position

Internorm has positioned itself as the No. 1 window brand in Europe and has already produced almost 30 million window and door units. Continuous technical development and constant new innovations make Internorm a pioneer in the industry, and the company has successfully expanded with 1,300 sales partners in 21 countries.

The company was looking for a way to retrofit existing signage solutions with compatible software. It was important that the screens for Austrian traders could be controlled from the main location. Internorm was also looking for solutions to improve customer communication – including showrooms, where they carry out simulations for their customers to test the quality of the products. All of this was to take place in an intuitive administration environment.


Solution approach

Throughout Austria, all Internorm Premium dealers have a total of 45 portrait-format steles installed for customer communication. Internorm previously used the solutions of a third-party provider for this and finally switched to FRAMR. The changeover was straightforward, only the existing signage board had to be replaced with a FRAMR. Player board per display.

FRAMR. enables centralized control and maintenance of all displays for monitoring and control. The marketing team at the main site can create content for all 45 displays and schedule advertising campaigns. The content is freely configurable and the team can choose from more than 40 modules for the design. The team can design each display individually and create content in different languages if necessary.

In the showrooms, customers will also find interactive displays with a size of 10.1 inches. Internorm uses the installed displays to demonstrate the quality of its windows to its customers. For example, heat lamps and cooling units are placed behind the windows to demonstrate thermal insulation. These simulations are controlled via the FRAMR. Displays, which also display temperature differences using FRAMR. sensors. Another option for interaction is to play selected sound files behind the window via loudspeakers on the display in order to experience the sound insulation of the windows at first hand.

Interactive signage fulfills various purposes in the simulations and also serves customer communication, as information and results from the product demonstrations provide first-class insights into the manufacturer’s product quality.

Further displays with SDM players are placed in the various branches to welcome visitors or accompany factory tours. At the start of a tour, for example, the FRAMR. Add-On button starts an intro video, which is available to the tour guide in various languages. Internorm uses the displays for customer, employee and trader communication to ensure a transparent flow of information and to accompany training courses.

Even if the marketing team controls and monitors the displays from the head office, the content can also be customized depending on the location. This shortens the communication channels within the team and relevant information for the respective location is communicated without delay.



All steles are connected via an LTE internet connection and can be found at Internorm dealers throughout Austria.



For simulations controlled via the displays, for example to evaluate temperature differences and play sound files.



For welcoming visitors, for employee communication and for intro videos for factory tours in four different languages.