MS Office applications for FRAMR. Signage at a glance

MS Office applications for FRAMR. Signage at a glance 994 537 Sebastian Loos

MS Office applications for FRAMR. Signage at a glance

Office Digital Signage

Office applications such as PowerPoint and Teams should not be missing from any company’s technology stack. They are easy to use and are suitable for a wide range of application scenarios, such as presentations and document creation. 

In this article, we explain the four Office applications for FRAMR. Digital Signage, namely Microsoft Word, Teams, Excel and PowerPoint. We take a closer look at the modules and the benefits they offer your company in terms of team and employee communication. 


Summary: How can FRAMR. office applications be used in practice?

FRAMR. enables the integration of Teams, Excel, PowerPoint and Word. You can use all the common functions of the applications. This improves communication in particular, as PowerPoint presentations or Excel calculations can be shown as an image file via displays. You can also show information via Word files and link Teams channels. 


All Office modules at a glance

Microsoft Word

The most frequently used Office tool is suitable for creating texts and documents, such as safety instructions or other employee information. Although FRAMR. Signage offers you a separate text module, Word offers you more functions for designing and editing. In addition, existing files, for example for employee information, can be edited and do not have to be created from scratch. 

This also opens up new possibilities in multi-channel communication, as important information can be communicated simultaneously by email and via digital signage displays. 


Microsoft PowerPoint

Digital signage displays are suitable for presentations in conference rooms. The problem: creating presentations is very time-consuming, depending on the program, and not everyone in the team is familiar with applications such as Canva. PowerPoint, on the other hand, is familiar to most and a vast majority of businesses use it anyway. 

When you open the application, you can choose from various templates. You can edit these freely and then save them as an image file and configure them with FRAMR. Signage. You are completely flexible in terms of size, for example horizontally or vertically. 

Example of a FRAMR. Signage display in the conference room – the basis for successful employee communication.


Microsoft Teams

Teamwork and communication via Microsoft Teams takes place in channels. Participants can use them to share various files, tools and messages. FRAMR. Signage enables this content to be displayed for transparent communication within the team. It is also possible to link the calendar events of Teams with digital signage to draw attention to events or upcoming meetings. 


Microsoft Excel

Excel is often used to create calculations and analyze data. Not only accounting benefits from it, but also project management for evaluating data and surveys. In meeting conferences, it is possible to present new findings or data to the team and make decisions based on them. Modules for image and video creation complement Excel tables on a visual level. 


Here’s how to integrate the modules into FRAMR. Signage

The FRAMR. modules can be integrated via an intuitive, easy-to-use drag-and-drop system. During implementation, you can add and arrange content freely according to your ideas. Select the respective module and then configure it according to your wishes. You can also test the process here free of charge. 

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Content ideas for office applications 

  • Product presentations
  • Reporting and data analysis
  • Internal communication and brainstorming
  • Linking calendar events 
  • Safety information or notices 

In general, you can use Office applications for different goals and areas of application. The Office stack provides you with a basis for communicating and presenting company-relevant information. For targeted use, your team should first think about their individual requirements and then use their expertise in using Office applications.


The advantages of the Office modules

Improved communication

Digital signage applications are designed to centralize and simplify communication. In combination with the Office modules, there are opportunities to further improve communication structures. Examples of this include PowerPoint presentations to introduce new products or Excel tables as a data-based basis for decision-making.

At this point, the objection that tables and presentations can also be viewed without digital signage is justified. This is true in itself, but without digital signage displays, many companies do not create any presentations or tables at all. They have no way of displaying such content.

As an alternative, they are often left with confusing documents that are sent by email. As a result, the exchange is less centralized and not all participants or decision-makers take part in the dialogue. 

The link to Microsoft Teams also makes it easier to share information with others. For example, the results of a meeting can be recorded or preparations for a meeting can be announced.


More transparency 

Improved communication structures also result in greater transparency. Presentations make it easier for employees to be involved in decisions and multi-channel communication improves the overall flow of information. Office files shown via digital signage are also accessible to more people, for example via displays in break rooms or in the corridor. 


Complemented by digital signage modules 

The modules of our software complement Office applications for more targeted communication. For example, it is possible to add graphics or images to Excel tables. And PowerPoint presentations are visually enhanced by YouTube videos.

Statistics on the impact of visual elements show just how important graphics and images are. People were asked to reproduce the content of presentations they had watched three days previously. Only ten percent were able to remember the content if the presentation only conveyed information. In contrast, 65% of participants remembered the presentation when it combined textual and graphic elements


Time savings and shorter training phases 

Office applications are an integral part of the technology stack in many companies. Especially Word for text creation and Excel for preparing cost calculations or data analyses. This shortens the familiarization phase when working with digital signage for the areas of application mentioned, as your team is already familiar with the applications.

There are many software solutions for analyzing data or creating presentations. The problem here, however, is that many people are not familiar with the applications. The use of digital signage for these areas is then only possible with a longer training phase. 


Content repurposing

Content repurposing means that existing content is reused. Unlike multi-channel communication, the focus is not on reproducing content via different channels, but on reusing existing content

Most companies use Office applications such as Word or PowerPoint, which gives them access to various templates. These can be reused at any time and configured as image files with digital signage. 

This not only has advantages for content repurposing, as your team can also create content more quickly and save time. For example, it is possible to customize Word templates for security information to create and communicate privacy notices. 



Office applications open up new ways for you to communicate internally. Whether presentations, safety instructions or reporting. Most employees in companies are familiar with tools such as Excel, PowerPoint, Word and Teams, which makes implementation easier. Existing templates also make it possible to adapt content and present it via different channels. 


Finally, we answer frequently asked questions about digital signage software.

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During development our team has considered highest quality standards and therefore promises a safe software which is protected from external influences. In our article “digital signage safety” we dive further into this topic.

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