10 Eye-catching content ideas for digital signage

10 Eye-catching content ideas for digital signage 1024 768 Sebastian Loos


We present 10 eye-catching content ideas for digital signage.

Digital signage offers your business innovative solutions for many application scenarios. Whether marketing, presentation or employee communication – there are no limits to your creativity. However, we have made the experience that businesses often have too concrete ideas about their areas of application and limit themselves to these. An approximate plan is a good thing, but you tend to overlook your possibilities. That’s why we want to inspire you with the following content ideas! 


News and events

With digital signage you can point out current news or events. This doesn’t necessarily have to be information about discount promotions, you can also display information about opening hours, for example.

You are completely flexible in the design and have no long preparation times – simply create the content within a few minutes and play it out or adapt it in real time. 

Using digital signage applications, your target group can also interact and navigate independently with information terminals. The intuitive user interface makes it easy. Combine this with gamification elements and you offer your target audience an appealing and interactive user experience, which at the same time does not distract from the essentials. 


Product presentations

Did you know that 91% of consumers prefer visual content over text? That means, without digital signage you would be missing out on some opportunities in terms of audience engagement! The versatile options in content creation will showcase your product range perfectly and convince your customers. You want a video presentation? No problem! Or are you into something outstanding and want to present your products audio-visually? This is also possible with digital signage. 

Thanks to versatile hardware options, you are hardly limited in the format – not to mention the presentation in the highest resolution. Flexibility, quality and wow effects, only digital signage can do that!



Social Media Posts

Keep your customers up to date and present them your stunning social media feeds! You posted a gripping video on TikTok only a few days ago? Or an informative post on Facebook? Then show it off to your customers! And if your business has already reached a milestone or two on social media, you can proudly show off the follower count (good for social proof!).


Customer reviews

Speaking of social proof, nothing builds trust like reviews from satisfied customers. It’s up to you in which format the testimonials are displayed. Whether text with customer image or star badge. Testimonials won’t distract from the essentials either, because you can freely arrange content and display customer reviews in a small format, for example.


Tips and tricks

The possibilities in content creation offer you a lot of scope for creative designs. Use this for your business and present helpful tips that offer added value. Many medical practices show hygiene tips via digital signage, for example. And with beautiful pictures or videos, the whole thing doesn’t look uninspired, but attractive and appealing.



Keep it simple! It doesn’t always have to be elaborate and complicated. A few pictures, videos or audio tracks arouse curiosity and enhance the appearance of your company. 

Inspiration: Show a countdown and when it expires, you can present the latest news or new products, for example. Be creative and use the element of surprise for yourself! 



Live streams

You know how it is: at lunch in a fast food restaurant or with a piece of cake in a café, sports or musical entertainment provides the ideal feel-good factor. Digital signage offers an integrated live stream function for playing sports, music or other content. 


Employee communication

Not only your target audience benefits from the strengths of innovative digital signage applications, but also your employees. Use the diverse design options and communicate current information with appealing, visual designs. 



Sure, discount promotions always work. But with a nice visual presentation they are even better received by your target group, because besides the price reduction, the design plays an important role. 


Your creativity

We keep the last content idea quite general and appeal to your creative vein. You don’t have to stick to the guidelines, because digital signage offers you a lot of creative leeway. Try something new, try your own creations and dare to do something unusual. Digital signage combines the strengths of digital marketing with the approaches of user experience and promises an innovative end result to address its target audience. 


That’s not all!

Our content ideas serve as inspiration, but there are more possibilities. Digital signage is intuitive, flexible and visually appealing – a combination that promises your business some advantages in terms of marketing and communication. 

So be sure to take a look at the FRAMR. Cockpit to explore the versatile world of digital signage and your design options. 

Are you curious? Then contact us! We’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have about digital signage and how it can benefit your business.


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