Digital Signage for the health care sector

Digital signage applications are an integral part of communication and marketing in a variety of industries, including the entertainment and retail sectors. The healthcare sector is also benefiting from the strengths of digital signage applications, whether in pharmacies, doctors’ surgeries or hospitals.

More and more service providers in the healthcare sector are positioning themselves as pioneers of digital change. And digital signage is playing a key role in this. The combination of appealing visuals, user-friendliness and flexibility in content creation promises a modern image and targeted communication.

70% of hospitals now have digital communication systems.

75% of people who saw digital signage in hospitals were able to recall at least one message.

Clinics that use screens often see an increase in business volume of between 15% and 150%.


Digital signage for the healthcare sector: Advantages, ideas and areas of application

How you can use the strengths of FRAMR. for the healthcare sector:

  • Reception and patient information
  • Advertising/public relations
  • Team presentation
  • Employee communication
  • Testimonials
  • Health tips
  • Latest news from the healthcare sector


Create content in real time and reduce costs

With the digital signage software by FRAMR. you are provided with maximum flexibility and can adapt content in real time. Up-to-date information is prepared quickly and can be integrated into existing templates. This saves you important resources, while patients and staff are kept up to date and benefit from transparent communication.


Strengthen the relationship with your patients and create safety

Digital signage allows you to improve communication with patients. You have a wide range of possible applications. For example, you can welcome patients, use digital signage as an entertainment medium in waiting rooms or display health tips. Interactive digital signage applications also have the advantage that patients can navigate independently.

In communication with patients, digital signage also promotes efficient work processes and promises greater transparency. Patients can be informed about changes to opening hours, new employees, check-ups or information about treatments. Doctors can also discuss results, e.g. after a lung function test, with their patients via digital signage – the high resolution also makes communication easier for those with poor eyesight.

But don’t think too complicated when it comes to implementation, because it’s often the little things that make the difference. For example, introduce your team via digital signage to give patients a sense of security. Images of work processes also create trust.


Valuable health tips and tricks

Not every patient wants to read magazines, if only for reasons of hygiene. Instead, use digital signage and present the latest health tips in a visually appealing presentation. With the flexible design options, you can communicate content in your corporate identity or choose designs that suit you.

Our ideas on which tips you can communicate:

  • Preventive measures
  • Hygiene tips
  • Reminders about check-ups
  • Explaining symptoms for better education
  • News/recommendations from politics
  • Tips for parents (e.g. on raising children)
  • Nutrition tips
  • Answering important questions (e.g. how often you should exercise)

With FRAMR. Signage you can implement different formats. Whether images, infographics or videos. Our software is also compatible with design tools such as Canva.


Modern employee communication

Digital signage is an effective way to improve communication among medical staff. Inform employees about events or remind them of certain rules, such as the obligation to wear masks in nursing homes or hygiene regulations.


Training and further education

Use the strengths of digital signage and prepare visually appealing presentations for training courses. Medical topics are complex and difficult to grasp, depending on the training format. However, digital signage increases the learning effect because most people are visual learners and with the FRAMR. Software you have many possibilities in content creation. In addition, the display on high-resolution screens offers a compact format for displaying relevant content.


Examples/Client projects






Content Pieces


You can use FRAMR. Signage for various areas of customer communication.

40+ Modules

Videos, images, infographics, RSS feeds, social media and more – you have  40+ modules at your disposal in customer communication.


Unsere Software unterstützt gängige Dateiformate wie PDF, MP4, PNG und weitere.


Über das FRAMR. Cockpit organisierst du Inhalte ganz leicht. Nur kurze Einarbeitungsphasen sind notwendig. 

Kommunikation 4.0

Interaktive Displays, barrierefreier Zugang (z. B. durch Sprachausgabe) und nachhaltige Lösungen – all das bietet dir FRAMR. Signage.

Verschiedene Hardware-Ausführungen

Ob Stele, Werbetafel oder interaktives Terminal – wir bieten hochwertige Hardware für verschiedene Bedürfnisse. 


Finally, we answer frequently asked questions about digital signage software.

The prices for digital signage vary and depend on the individual area of application. FRAMR. Signage solutions start from €459 – player + annual subscription. Click here and find out more about our prices, subscription models and additional services.

The design options of digital signage range from pictures and videos to audio, social media, RSS-feeds, weather information, PDFs and YouTube. Here you can find an exact listing of the FRAMR design options. 

During development our team has considered highest quality standards and therefore promises a safe software which is protected from external influences. In our article “digital signage safety” we dive further into this topic.

Feel free to check out our showroom to get a first impression of the practical execution of digital signage applications. 

In summary, digital signage is suitable as an advertising and presentation medium as well as a source of information. But this does not describe in detail how your business can benefit from the applications. For this purpose, we have written an article on digital signage applications.

Digital signage is a modern technology with moderate power consumption. The products are durable and the production costs are low. Read our article “Green Signage” to learn more.

For the successful use of digital signage, it is important to know your individual goals. You should also look at the possibilities for use and design. Find out more here.

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