Case Study – VOG

Company and starting situation

Under the motto “Trade is change”, VOG positions itself as a reliable trading partner for its customers. The company has its roots in 1916, when it was founded in the wake of a sugar supply crisis. VOG’s high-quality products can be found on full shelves throughout Austria and the company has also long been interantionally established.

VOG is pursuing the goal of facilitating communication with suppliers by expanding digital channels and optimizing work processes. The traditional way is for suppliers to drive to a warehouse and talk to company employees to find the right loading point. The use of digital signage facilitates the interaction with employees, as suppliers are guided by the digital screens and therefore know exactly where they need to go. The FRAMR.Player enables communication of visual content for suppliers in several languages in order to coordinate international business partners.

In the future, digital signage should make it possible to improve communication structures holistically, but also to relieve employees and establish efficient work processes.


Solution approach

Our FRAMR.Player SDM is used to spped up the structural change at VOG. This enables communication between the end device and the file server of a local network in order to display and execute supplier assignments on digital screens.

The player also enables the flexible use of a cloud service. This means that maintenance work and the provision of content can be carried out via a central location. However, sensitive delivery data remains within the local network and is not outsourced to the cloud service. Only the player processes such data directly on site.

During the planning process, we asked ourselves the following questions, for which we sought solutions:

  • How can VOG establish an uncomplicated and efficient allocation of loading bays?
  • Which components are best suited for employee and supplier communication?
  • How do we eliminate language barriers between VOG and its suppliers?
  • What steps need to be taken to secure sensitive delivery information within the local network?

In addition, during the design and planning phase, we made sure to display important information on employee safety, visitor information and hygiene guidelines on digital screens.

Used FRAMR.Players




The player shows assignments for suppliers in different languages.