Digital signage for recruitment and employee retention

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Digital signage for recruitment and employee retention


Young talents are highly requested on the job market. In the wake of the shortage of skilled workers, businesses do everything to position themselves as the best employer. Traditional recruiting methods such as newspaper ads are becoming less important, and instead companies are taking advantage of e-recruiting and social media. 

Being where the young talent is – a proven recruiting method. But young people aren’t just on social media, they’re on the go a lot. And that’s where the strengths of outdoor digital signage come into play. 

Outdoor digital screens attract attention. The combination of modern branding, visually appealing advertising messages and eye-catching technology gives your business advantages when competing for talent.

Digital signage for recruiting


Short: The advantages of digital signage over classic recruiting measures 

Digital signage enables cost-effective and dynamic communication of job postings, videos and interactive content. Your company reaches more potential applicants and promotes its brand image more efficiently compared to traditional recruiting. 


Personnel marketing with decisive impact

Communicate job advertisements with concise advertising messages and target potential applicants. Outdoor displays and digital out-of-home solutions offer attractive insights into your company and its work culture. With a variety of design options, you can also create videos and images to showcase career opportunities. 

Ideas for approaching potential applicants:
✔ Benefits of your company
✔ Insights into the corporate and work culture
✔ Highlighting career opportunities
✔ Information on the applicant process
✔ Show reviews from portals or employees.

With digital signage, job applications have never been so easy and straightforward. By using QR codes, interested parties can apply for a job or save the job offer directly with their smartphone. This also increases the number of applications because those who are interested can interact directly with the job posting. 


Modern branding appeals to young people

Let’s face it, when was the last time you read job postings in the newspaper? It’s probably been a while. No wonder, because a short text on paper doesn’t leave a lasting impression. But the visual qualities of digital signage do. Dynamic content and high-resolution displays are well received by applicants and underline a modern brand image. 


Lower costs, more applicants

Digital signage advertising enables more reach than classic recruiting measures. In addition, your company reduces costs for posters, flyers or advertisements. 

With FRAMR. Signage you can adapt content in real time and change it flexibly. The scope for test phases is greater and you develop a better feel for the wishes of your target audience. Compared to print advertising, there are no additional costs. So feel free to experiment and communicate different messages to attract possible applicants.

Digital signage also reduces staff expenses. Content creation takes less time than handing out flyers or having conversations with newspapers or magazines. While recruitment is not exclusive to digital signage, targeting applicants via displays has efficiency benefits and supports measures such as trade show participation or print advertising. 


Advertising for conventions and events

An open day or public events provide interesting insights into the daily work routine and the corporate culture. Use digital signage to advertise such meetings and invite interested talents to get to know your company. 

First, non-binding contact with your company builds trust and promotes the establishment of contacts between employees and potential applicants. Tours or live presentations provide transparent insights into your business’ work culture and increase the number of applicants. 

Your company also gains first impressions of young talents. It is not always the lack of applications that is a challenge, but the quality of applicants and high bounce rates in the recruiting process. Through interviews, HR employees gain initial impressions of whether applicants fit the company and what young talents expect from an employer.

The mutual exchange also speeds up the applicant process. If both sides get along well with each other, applicants’ decision-making time is shortened. This not only improves recruitment rates, but also makes processes more efficient. 


Reduce turnover rates through internal job postings

The job market is becoming more and more dynamic. Due to the shortage of skilled workers, businesses are trying to keep their employees with various benefits. Often, however, changing jobs within the company is also a target-oriented way to retain employees. 

Digital signage displays catch the eye quickly, which is why they are a great medium for employee communication. You can use this to show internal job postings and increase applicant rates. Fluctuation rates are reduced and skills stay within the team. 


The good first impression

The strengths of digital signage are not limited to job postings or getting more talents to apply. Displays in waiting rooms or offices also leave a good impression in job interviews. Ideally, your company combines the strengths of indoor and outdoor displays to holistically improve brand presence and communication. More transparency and an attractive brand image stay in the mind, making your company more interesting for applicants.


Finally, we answer frequently asked questions about digital signage software.

Prices of digital signage vary and depend on the individual application areas. Click here and find out more about our prices, subscription models and additional services.

The design options of digital signage range from pictures and videos to audio, social media, RSS-feeds, weather information, PDFs and YouTube. Here you can find an exact listing of the FRAMR design options. 

During development our team has considered highest quality standards and therefore promises a safe software which is protected from external influences. In our article “digital signage safety” we dive further into this topic.

Feel free to check out our showroom to get a first impression of the practical execution of digital signage applications. 

In summary, digital signage is suitable as an advertising and presentation medium as well as a source of information. But this does not describe in detail how your business can benefit from the applications. For this purpose, we have written an article on digital signage applications.

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For the successful use of digital signage, it is important to know your individual goals. You should also look at the possibilities for use and design. Find out more here.

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