Case Study – machsport

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machsport is a sports store located in Pasching, Austria that offers high-quality sports apparel and equipment for a variety of sports. In addition to selling products, the company also provides various services such as running analyses and consultations. With a focus on quality and customer satisfaction, machsport is a popular choice for sports enthusiasts in the region.

Hey, have you visited Machsport in Pasching yet? They have recently upgraded their business with Instore-TV from FRAMR Signage to enhance the customer experience and strengthen the company’s brand image. Instore-TV is an effective way to entertain, inform and inspire customers with engaging content while they are in-store. Read on to learn how Machsport is benefiting from Instore-TV from FRAMR Signage and how it can be beneficial for your business too.

Instore-TV from FRAMR Signage is a digital display system specifically designed for use in retail stores, shopping malls, restaurants, and other retail environments. With Instore-TV from FRAMR Signage, businesses can engage their customers with a variety of content, including product advertising, brand messages, entertainment, and educational content. The content can be customized based on the target audience, time of day, or season.

Machsport uses Instore-TV from FRAMR Signage to promote its products and pique customer interest. By displaying videos and images on large screens in the store, customers can see the products in action and get valuable information that may influence their purchasing decisions. Additionally, Machsport also displays live sports broadcasts to enhance the customer experience and transform the business into a pleasant and entertaining environment.

Instore-TV from FRAMR Signage can also help strengthen the company’s brand image and improve the customer shopping experience. By displaying engaging content on large screens, businesses can convey their image and values and leave a lasting impression on customers.

If you would like to learn more about how Instore-TV from FRAMR Signage can benefit your business, simply contact us. We are happy to assist you!

FRAMR.Player in use




Customers will be entertained with interesting content on various sport disciplines and current promotions by FRAMR. Player PRO and a number of wall screens when visiting the store.




Even before the visit, a FRAMR. Player PRO informs potential customers about the seasonal range and displays current promotions – of course, all of this is scheduled in advance and managed via the FRAMR. Cockpit.




Printing, stitching, service – machsport’s upselling offer is highlighted again straight at the checkout. FRAMR. Player Panorama helps to ensure that these messages make an impression with their sheer size alone on three displays placed next to each other.




FRAMR. Player PRO also provides the acoustic atmosphere in the store using cool Internet radios.