Presentation Display Digital Signage:

For meetings and advertising


With the digital signage solutions by FRAMR, old-fashioned posters belong to the past. Modern design options and user-friendly elements leave a lasting impression and enable the useage as a television for presentations or advertising displays.

The software’s free design options allow for every little detail. Even moving elements such as videos are no problem to implement. And it doesn’t stop there – flexible choice of location, customizable lighting conditions and content from 40+ modules create an immersive experience.

Use digital signage to present innovations or the latest news in an appealing presentation. The applications are also great for product and food presentations. With digital signage, you get a high-quality presentation display that meets your requirements.

90% of the information communicated should be visual to make it easier to remember.

More than 50 % of marketers state that visual content plays a central role.

We process images up to 60,000 times faster than purely informative content.

Presentation display: advantages, ideas and areas of application

Convincing product presentations

When new products are presented, nothing should be missing in terms of content. But above all, the content must be emotional and reach people. And digital signage is ideal for this. Showcase new products perfectly with FRAMR. presentation displays. The many design options also underline the individual appearance of your products. Show additional customer reviews or customize content according to specific occasions (e.g. Christmas) to strengthen trust and your brand.


Reduce the use of resources with more flexibility

With FRAMR. you can adapt and schedule content in real time. This allows the team to work more effectively and centrally. You can also upload content that already exists or was created using applications such as Canva and Photoshop. You are also independent of location and can create content for different company offices.


Improved employee communication

More than “just” TVs for presentations – information displayed via digital signage reaches more employees and thus improves communication structures. Internal dialog is considered one of the biggest challenges in companies and digital screens effectively counteract this.


Ideas that will be remembered

Your ideas will be better remembered with an eye-catcher. Use the strengths of digital signage and communicate the benefits of your ideas or products. Thanks to our software, you can easily structure content and present it transparently.

However, your options are not limited to presentation. You can also use our CMS to create a meeting agenda, for example. The high-resolution screens also make a professional impression on business partners and customers.


Innovation for your company office / brand image

Make your office space more appealing and offer your team an innovative communication structure at the same time. Thanks to update functions and flexible design options, everyone can use the displays for themselves. And thanks to the user-friendly design, it only takes a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the application.


Cloud application for more flexibility and independence

Central, GDPR-compliant data management enables uncomplicated content playback. You don’t have to save content to a USB stick first. Instead, retrieve it directly via the application. This also makes content production easier, as you can access the application from anywhere. Thanks to our hosting, you don’t have to worry about maintenance – our team takes care of that.

The advantages of FRAMR.

Completely customizable

With more than 40 modules, there are no limits to your design. FRAMR. Signage is the answer to the search for freely configurable software for individual goals.


Easy to use

To use FRAMR., a short training phase is required. The CRS is easy to use and our team will help you get started quickly.


Communication 4.0

Interactive applications, barrier-free communication (e.g. via voice output) and sustainability are three cornerstones of our innovative technology. This is rounded off by our goal to continuously optimize FRAMR. Signage.


Various hardware versions

Whether classic display, large display, outdoor stele or kiosk system – we offer different hardware variants for individual requirements.


Digital Signage als Präsentationsmedium






Content Pieces


Finally, we answer frequently asked questions about digital signage software.

Prices of digital signage vary and depend on the individual application areas. Click here and find out more about our prices, subscription models and additional services.

The design options of digital signage range from pictures and videos to audio, social media, RSS-feeds, weather information, PDFs and YouTube. Here you can find an exact listing of the FRAMR design options. 

During development our team has considered highest quality standards and therefore promises a safe software which is protected from external influences. In our article “digital signage safety” we dive further into this topic.

Feel free to check out our showroom to get a first impression of the practical execution of digital signage applications. 

In summary, digital signage is suitable as an advertising and presentation medium as well as a source of information. But this does not describe in detail how your business can benefit from the applications. For this purpose, we have written an article on digital signage applications.

Digital signage is a modern technology with moderate power consumption. The products are durable and the production costs are low. Read our article “Green Signage” to learn more.

For the successful use of digital signage, it is important to know your individual goals. You should also look at the possibilities for use and design. Find out more here.

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