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1. April 2022

Pizzetti Take-Away

At the Pizzetti takeaway franchise, frameless Panasonic TH-55VF2H displays spotlight tempting Italian treats to busy walk-in customers. Managing content through two FRAMR.Player PROs, each with two outputs, allows separate content on each screen in the highest quality - across all of the company's locations.



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25. May 2022

Content formats - Reach your target group with this advice

Content is king, every company is aware of that these days. But how do you use content formats to reach your target group? Read more.

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12. May 2022

Content Delivery Network: Definition, usage and advantages

What is a content delivery network and what are the advantages? We will answer the most asked questions and compare the best providers.

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10. May 2022

What are use cases? Definition and examples

A use case describes the externally visible behavior of a system from the user’s perspective. Read more.

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