FRAMR Use Cases

Surace Barista Caffé/Bar/Eatery 1024 576 Manuel Renje

Surace Barista Caffé/Bar/Eatery

Excellent quality – in terms of coffee, but also in terms of the signage system! The wall-sized display Panasonic TH-55VF2H with the built-in, almost invisible FRAMR.Player SDM shows breakfast, lunch or dinner menu depending on the time of day. All displayed content is conveniently managed and scheduled by the customer in FRAMR.Cockpit.


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    Pizzetti Take Away 1024 768 Lukas Aumair

    Pizzetti Take Away

    At the Pizzetti takeaway franchise, frameless Panasonic TH-55VF2H displays spotlight tempting Italian treats to busy walk-in customers. Managing content through two FRAMR.Player PROs, each with two outputs, allows separate content on each screen in the highest quality – across all of the company’s locations.

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      FRAMR. LED arc PlusCity 1024 768 Christian

      FRAMR. LED arc PlusCity

      PlusCity has the right twist in the form of LED walls and LED cubes. At the entrances to the PlusCity sun terraces, two special-format LED walls up to 7 meters wide have been installed for information and stimulate culinary pleasure. They illuminate in the literally.

      On the LED arch the restaurants of the sun terrace and their promotions are advertised. Three rotatable LED cubes complete the picture of the impressive overall installation. The cubes can be played individually or as a whole and support the LED arch in an impressive way.

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        Digital signage in Le Jardin restaurant 1024 682 Lukas Aumair

        Digital signage in Le Jardin restaurant

        A unique dining club in the middle of Linz: Le Jardin. During the week, a fine-dining restaurant and bar, followed by a metamorphosis into a club on the weekends. Enjoyment & relaxation in the middle of Linz in an idyllic garden located in the inner courtyard. The restaurant places great emphasis on regional products of the highest quality, both for the lunch menu and for à la carte dishes in the evening. Because regionality counts in every respect, local products from the company Megatechnik were used for the display advertisements.

        To promote Le Jardin’s unique symbiosis of restaurant, bar & club, a FRAMR. Player PRO was installed, which feeds an LED wall with different contents. During the day with excerpts from the menu and advertising subjects for dishes and daily gastro promotions, in the evening party visuals provide the musical and visual background. Parallel to the closing time of the staff, the time-controlled player also switches off in order to transmit pleasure and joy again punctually the next morning.

        Article → Digital Signage Software: The future of communication? 

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          FRAMR. Salzwelten Hallein 1024 768 Lukas Aumair

          FRAMR. Salzwelten Hallein

          Clearly arranged and well informed, walk in the footsteps of the Celts through the oldest salt mine in the world: FRAMR. Player PRO displays in the indoor and outdoor areas of the Salzwelten Hallein ensure that no one misses anything. Neither bus departure times, nor start times of guided tours, nor any other information worth knowing.

          Five FRAMR. Player PRO with two output channels each were installed in the exhibition and visitor center. This allows the control of up to two separately controlled screens. In the ticket office area, dynamic price lists and videos of the exhibition are displayed. FRAMR. Player follow the visitors from the very beginning through the whole exhibition, for example as general info points & advertising screens, and serve as orientation for the small and big visitors.

          Article → Digital Signage Software: The future of communication? 

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