FRAMR. Salzwelten Hallein

FRAMR. Salzwelten Hallein

FRAMR. Salzwelten Hallein 1024 768 Lukas Aumair

Clearly arranged and well informed, walk in the footsteps of the Celts through the oldest salt mine in the world: FRAMR. Player PRO displays in the indoor and outdoor areas of the Salzwelten Hallein ensure that no one misses anything. Neither bus departure times, nor start times of guided tours, nor any other information worth knowing.

Five FRAMR. Player PRO with two output channels each were installed in the exhibition and visitor center. This allows the control of up to two separately controlled screens. In the ticket office area, dynamic price lists and videos of the exhibition are displayed. FRAMR. Player follow the visitors from the very beginning through the whole exhibition, for example as general info points & advertising screens, and serve as orientation for the small and big visitors.

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