Cloudless signage with the USB media player function from FRAMR.

Digital Signage Safety

The USB media player function enables the playback of multimedia content from a USB drive without a FRAMR. Cockpit license. This makes it possible to operate our digital signage solutions completely without the cloud. 

To do this, a USB drive or memory card is simply inserted into the player* and automatically played back. The player supports a variety of file formats**, such as images, music and videos. 

The USB media player supports a total of three file systems, namely FAT32, NTFS and exFAT. These are compatible with various storage media such as USB drives or SD cards. 

These media can be played via Cloudless Signage

The USB media player provides you with common applications from FRAMR. Signage modules, including images, videos and audio in various formats. PDF documents and HTML are also included in the Cloudless apps.

With the USB media player, it is also possible to show websites as an iFrame. To do this, you can create a text file with the extension .url (e.g. website.url) and write the desired website content as a file. 


The following display parameters can be freely configured via playback:

  • Display duration of static content in seconds:
    This parameter defines how long static content, for example an image, is displayed until the next content is shown. 
  • Fade duration in milliseconds:
    The duration of the fade determines how quickly the change of content shown takes place.
  • Stage width in pixels:
    The stage width defines the display size of the content shown and influences its maximum size.
  • Distance from the left edge of the screen in pixels:
    This parameter determines the horizontal distance between the left edge of the screen and the left edge of the playback stage in pixels.
  • Distance from the top edge of the screen in pixels:
    The distance from the top edge of the screen determines the vertical distance between the top edge of the screen and the top edge of the playback stage in pixels. 


Flexibility even without the cloud

The USB media player enables permanent transfer of local playlists without an external storage medium, such as USB sticks or memory cards, being connected to the hardware. The content is generated automatically after starting your player. In combination with the display parameters, content remains dynamic and flexible. 


You can upgrade at any time! 

You are not permanently tied to the USB media player, but can switch to the cloud version at any time. This gives you access to more modules and your company also benefits from the following advantages:

✓ Central management of content 
✓ Scalability of resources if more displays are required
✓ More flexibility through real-time content playback 
✓ Simplified integration with other applications and services
✓ Automatic updating and maintenance by our team


Finally, we answer frequently asked questions about digital signage software.

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*Supported Player: FRAMR. Player ECO, Player PRO, Player SDM, Player ULTRA, Player PANORAMA, Player AUDIO. **Supported content: Image (JPG, PNG, GIF), Video (MP4), Audio (MP3, AAC), PDF.