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The MageWell USB Capture HDMI Gen 2 is a versatile video capture device that provides exceptional performance for video content creators and professionals. It’s designed to work perfectly with the FRAMR. content module “Video Input” and supports resolutions up to 1080p60, delivering crystal-clear image and sound quality with zero latency.

The MageWell USB Capture HDMI Gen 2 is the perfect video capture device for the FRAMR. content module “Video Input”. This advanced video capture device is designed to provide exceptional performance and flexibility for video content creators and professionals.

With its cutting-edge HDMI input port, the USB Capture HDMI Gen 2 delivers high-quality video and audio with zero latency. It supports resolutions up to 1080p60, ensuring crystal-clear image quality and superb sound reproduction. Whether you’re capturing live events, streaming video content, or creating high-quality visuals, this device delivers exceptional performance every time.

The USB 3.0 interface ensures lightning-fast data transfer speeds, allowing you to capture and stream high-quality video in real-time. The device is incredibly user-friendly, with no drivers or software installation required. Simply plug it into your computer’s USB port, and you’re ready to start capturing and streaming high-quality video and audio.

Technical Details

Input Interface
1x HDMI input+ embedded audio
Support input resolution up to 2048×2160 pixels

Host Interface
USB 3.0, compatible with USB 2.0

Capture format
Support capture resolutions up to 2048×2160
Support capture frame rates up to 120fps
Support 2-channel audio streams


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