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You can easily and quickly transfer data to your smartphone and other NFC-enabled devices using FRAMR. This innovative add-on allows you to share information such as URLs, contact information, or even wireless network connections. Use FRAMR. to conveniently and securely share your data.

FRAMR is a groundbreaking NFC add-on that allows you to transfer data to your smartphone and other NFC-enabled devices. Using this dynamic NFC tag, you can share information such as contact details, URLs, or wireless network connections with others.

What sets FRAMR. Add-On NFC apart from other NFC tags is that you have the ability to embed URLs in all FRAMR. modules. If the content shows up, the link is automatically transmitted to the add-on. This allows users to easily access, use, and even take the information with them. Using FRAMR. is easy and secure, providing an excellent way to share content with others without having to manually enter it in front of the screen.

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