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FRAMR. Kiosk – the IP65 outdoor digital signage kiosk designed for 24/7 use in tough weather conditions. With a high brightness range of 2500-5000 nits, the kiosk is truly sunlight-readable with no blacking. Featuring a fully-enclosed design and weatherproof technology, it is capable of exposure to direct sunlight, rain, snow, and dust. The kiosk has an aluminum frame work design for long-lasting use, also in coastal cities. With its comprehensive temperature and humidity control and overheat protection, the FRAMR Kiosk is an ideal choice for businesses looking for a durable and reliable digital signage solution.


    The FRAMR. Kiosk is an advanced digital signage solution that is designed to meet the demanding requirements of outdoor environments. This IP65 rated kiosk is fully-enclosed and weatherproof, making it suitable for use in direct sunlight, rain, snow, and dust. Its robust aluminum frame work design and vandal-proof tempered glass ensure that it can withstand harsh outdoor conditions, making it an ideal choice for businesses that require reliable and durable digital signage solutions.

    With its high brightness range of 2500-5000 nits, the FRAMR. Kiosk is truly sunlight-readable, with no blacking or fading. This means that it can deliver crystal clear content and messages even in the brightest outdoor environments. The kiosk is also equipped with an ambient brightness sensor that automatically adjusts the brightness according to the environmental brightness.

    The FRAMR. Kiosk is designed for 24/7 use. The kiosk also features comprehensive temperature and humidity control, as well as overheat protection to ensure optimal performance in hot and cold weather conditions.

    The kiosk comes with an industrial-grade LCD panel that is heat-resistant and can work in temperatures ranging from -30 to 80°C. It also features a long-lasting LED backlight panel that is highly efficient, allowing for round-the-clock use with no degradation in brightness or quality.

    To provide flexibility and customization, the FRAMR. Kiosk is available with a range of optional features, including a heater, cooling fans, and an air conditioner. It also offers optional tempered glass with AG coating, AR Glass, or double-layer laminated tempered glass for added protection and durability.

    In terms of certifications, the FRAMR. Kiosk is CE, FCC, ROHS, IP65, IK10, EMC, and LVD certified, ensuring that it meets the highest safety and quality standards.

    Overall, the FRAMR. Kiosk is a reliable, durable, and flexible digital signage solution that is ideal for businesses that require high-performance outdoor displays. With its advanced features and customizable options, it offers an unparalleled digital signage experience that is sure to impress and engage customers, visitors, and audiences alike.

    Technical details


    Internal memory

    WiFi & Ethernet Port, LTE optional

    Operation system

    Panel Size

    1920×1080 FullHD / 3840×2160 4K


    Application areas

    Here are some application areas for the FRAMR. Kiosk:

    Outdoor advertising

    Information display

    Use cases

    We have already been using FRAMR.Player in these business areas.

    Contrast ratio


    Viewing angle


    Aspect Ratio






    Glass Type

    6mm tempered glass

    Protection grade

    IP65 & IK10

    Operating Environment


    Operating Temp.

    -10°C – +60°C

    Operating Humidity

    5% – 98%

    Operating System



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