17. March 2022

Digital Signage Software: The future of communication?

In this article:

  1. Digital Signage Software: The future of communication?
  2. What is Digital Signage Software and how does it work?
  3. Digital display ads: What are the advantages?
  4. What is the impact of Digital Signage Software
  5. Digital Signage: What about the costs?
  6. Conclusion: Digital Signage Software: The future of communication?



Digital Signage Software: The future of communication?

Digital, contemporary and informative: These three words describe Digital Signage Software probably the best. No matter if you’re in a shopping mall or attending a fair, businesses of all niches use digital displays to advertise their services and products.

Digital Signage Software displays content in different formats and makes advertising easier as well as more efficient. But how exactly does Digital Signage work and what are the advantages? In this article, FRAMR gives the answers to these and similar questions. 



You often see them in shopping malls: Digital displays


What is Digital Signage Software and how does it work?

Many call them “advertising display screens” others know them as some kind of terminal interface. To keep it simple: Digital Signage Software describes digital-visual screens which display either video or picture content in a compressed format. Not only do these screens display advertisements, many companies use Digital Signage to show informative content as well. Just think of visiting your doctor: In many doctors offices you will find screens that give you helpful tips regarding hygiene and other medical topics.

That brings up the following question: How does all of that work? To reproduce digital video or picture content, a device to save and create it is required. The digital-visual connected information is cued in with the support of a program and displayed on a screen. Thanks to the use of a cloud system, the content can easily be saved and displayed anytime. 

Basically, Digital Signage isn’t rocket science. In fact, it’s an easy to use technique that can be used by anyone who has already been in touch with modern communication devices.

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Digital display ads: What are the advantages?

With the use of digital advertising, companies optimize their working processes and make them more efficient. Another thing to point out is, that displayed content can be changed easily. The alternatives to Digital Signage are classic advertising and marketing tools such as posters and advertising shields but the designs of them need to be renewed every time changes are required and that takes long. Digital Signage is much more flexible because you can display the content you want to show your potential customers. 

Saving time also means saving money - classic advertising and marketing methods such as posters don’t only need to be designed, it is also to consider that someone has to print them. Digital Signage Software only needs content on a regular basis. 

The flexibility of digital billboards makes changes easier and that also means that companies are given the possibility to show ads that their target group wants to see. For instance, in the morning different ads can be shown than in the evening right before the business closes. Because of this given possibility,  companies can precisely meet the needs of their different customers and also have the possibility to test new ads. In the long-term every business saves a lot of money with that and finds out which ads really work and which do not. 

Digital Signage Software makes fast changes of displayed ads possible


In conclusion, the main advantages of Digital Signage are the following:

  • Cost savings
  • Time savings
  • Flexibility
  • Adapting the content to meet the needs of potential customers

The biggest advantage is probably the given win-win-situation for businesses and customers. Companies save time and money, customers on the other hand are able to use an intuitive and well designed device  to find shopping inspiration or to get further information about something. 

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What is the impact of Digital Signage Software?

Every step towards digitizing business processes is an important one because it makes every company work more flexible. But also the target group takes advantage of that because Digital Signage Software requires an intuitive and user friendly service as long as it’s used as a terminal. 

With that comes another advantage: The solution oriented usage of these devices. Terminal services are especially helpful in big shopping malls if you look for a specific shop. The uncomplicated and intuitive usage of Digital Signage delivers a fast solution and that has a positive impact on customer satisfaction. 


Digital Signage: What about the costs?

The prices of Digital Signage Software depend on what kind of solution a business is exactly looking for.

FRAMR are experts for Digital Signage and offer intuitive as well as attractive solutions for every business. Our systems are available in different implementations and aligned to the needs of our customers. Of course we answer all of your questions regarding our products and help you to find the best solution for your company.

Overview of our prices:


Conclusion: Digital Signage Software - The future of communication?

Thanks to Digital Signage Software, all kinds of businesses are given the possibility to update their advertising and meet the needs of their customers. But it’s not only about advertising, Digital Signage is also helpful as a source of information. 

The question is not if Digital Signage Software will be the future of communication because there are too many advantages for it. The question is rather how businesses will be able to use the mentioned advantages in the coming years. In the age of digitizing every virtual marketing method is more efficient than conventional methods. It’s up to businesses to implement these tools successfully. 

If we consider the mentioned advantages, digitizing businesses should proceed as fast as possible because companies save a lot of money in the long term and they also work on their reputation. 



What is piSignage?

piSignage is a Digital Signage Software. The service is integrated in a cloud and offers layouts, planning of campaigns, screen recording and more.


What are Screenly Apps?

Screenly is an app store with a specific offer for Digital Signage Software. The performance of digital displays should improve with the help of the required apps in the store. 


How does Digital Signage work?

With help of the operating system “Linux” content is created. The Content is shown through the connection to a Digital Signage Software and a digital display.


Is Digital Signage available for outdoor uses?

The systems can be installed indoors as well as outdoors. Depending on the device, it won’t be damaged by vandalism and rain. 

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